How bad is it? Do they even have a chance?

people in the US are without a home on a given night.


of homeless people in the US live in a place not meant for human habitation.


of homeless people in the USare single individuals.

Who’s at risk?

Individuals and families with low incomes are at higher risk of homelesness due to the lack of affordable housing. The number of renter households suffering from a severe housing cost burden numbered 6,902,060 in 2016.

people in poor households are living "doubled up" with family or friends according to an analysis of the 2016 American Community Survey.

Good News!

Since 2007, decreases in the homeless population have been reported in 36 states across the country. There is hope! Through homeless prevention organizations, emergency housing shelters, transitional housing, permenant housing initiatives, and many more, homelessness is being addressed in the United States. Permenant housing and emergency shelter housing collectively offer 74.6% of the homeless assistance beds available. Check out some organizations you can become involved in! →