Homelessness is real.

You’ve seen it. Strained eyes on the streets. The stress of not knowing where your next meal is coming from. Working all day every day. Exhausted with hopelessness. Is there ever going to be a chance to escape? No one should have to expereience this. This is why we exist. To help. We’re here to bring awareness, provide opportunities to get involved, assist those suffering, and raise funds to keep the progress rolling.

“Being on the street is a different animal. I don’t care what anyone says: You can’t sleep with one eye open. I don’t wish that on anybody. But this is what homeless people need: An opportunity.”

Stefan DeArmon


How bad is it?

The numbers are sobering. Put yourself in their shoes. Can you imagine what it’s like? No roof over your head. No guaranteed meal ahead.

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How can I help?

The opportunities are endless! Organizations across the country provide times and places for everyone to get involved. Check out a few that you can come alongside…

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I need help.

Are you facing homelessness? We know it’s hard. We’re here to help.

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